Curve3 Overview

Curve3 makes G7 calibration easier, faster, more accurate,
less error prone and less expensive.

Upgrade to Curve+

Curve3 has been discontinued and is replaced by Curve+

Already the standard for G7 calibration, Curve3 is the best, most modern and technically functional G7 tool yet! Curve3 raises the bar significantly. Most users will see improvements and benefits immediately. This is the version to have if you have been sitting on the fence.

CHROMiX and HutchColor have poured hundreds of hours into developing features for Curve3 based on what end users actually want. We also improved many existing functionalities.

Take a look at some of these new features:

  • 4D data smoothing cleans up challenged systems
  • Spectral VPR now applies curves to full-spectral data
  • Enhanced Black-point options for ink-jet and digital
  • Normalizing Curves to improve shadow smoothness
  • Custom TVI calibration (mostly for European users)
  • Intelligent error-reporting and resolution
  • User-specified starting-point calibration
  • User-defined Control Point lists
  • Expanded graphs and reports

And like Curve2, Curve3 supports:

  • OneRun targets
  • Esko's PressSync calibration
  • AGFA :Apogee output format support
  • Konica Minolta output format support

Curve3 also has a new 'Demo' mode which allows users to test the interface as well as the main calibration and verification functionalities of Curve3 (including Verify mode) without a serial number. Sample files are included and must be used for Demo mode.

Curve3 has a recommended retail price of $1,199. Curve3 with VPR lists for $2,499. Existing Curve2 users can upgrade to Curve3 with great discounts.