Testimonials for ColorThink

"Great work! ColorThink 2 is now an essential purchase for all my clients. I'm also going to use it in my GATF courses with a strong BUY recommendation to all attendees."

—Don Hutcheson

"ColorThink is an invaluable addition to my toolkit, as a profile manager, a profile medic, a teaching and learning tool."

—Bruce Fraser

"ColorThink is the most comprehensive profile doctor/comparator/manager I have found to date. It is essential for fully understanding the profile relationships necessary to select the best paper and ink combinations for inkjet printers and it provides an excellent understanding of color space compression that occurs between the monitor and the printer and which inksets can minimize it. I wouldn't be without this well designed Color Management tool."

—Dan Culbertson

"More fun than the discovery of Jell-O on a spoon. Even more colours than Jell-O. Takes colour geeking to new highs."

—Neil Snape

"What a fabulous piece of software! Keep up the good work!"

—Seminar attendee

"... deserves a seat in the color management hall of fame for ColorThink"

—Neil Barstow