ColorThink Pro

Color Worksheet

The options for learning and analyzing are unlimited with ColorThink Pro’s Color Worksheet. The Color Worksheet is a spreadsheet that understands color. Rows in the worksheet are for profiles, images, color lists and workflow information. Columns are for color transformations, comparisons and delta-E calculations. The combined effect is a multi-purpose tool with unlimited color evaluation configurations.

Tasks & Tests

  • Make and modify device link, abstract & other specialty profiles
  • Evaluate profiles for accuracy and neutral rendering
  • Compare profiles input and output capabilities and structures
  • Evaluate device characteristics such as gamut volume , linearity, calibration, tone stability(metamerism), dot gain and others
  • Compare devices' gamuts, measurements, drift
  • Evaluate entire workflows to find color shift sources


  • Comprehensive image / color / profile evaluation
  • Powerful profile linking including:
    • clean-black device links
    • multi-profile device links
    • abstract profiles
    • ColorCast™ proofing profiles
  • Delta-E calculations on images and colors
  • Delta-E reports summarizing color differences
  • Full workflow modeling to evaluate color shifts at each stage of the workflow
  • Extract colors from scanned/ photographed targets with Target Marquee selector
  • Supports abstract, device link and device profiles up to 10 channels!
  • Tightly integrated with graphing. dE becomes vector graph
  • extract and use embedded profiles in your workflow