ColorThink Pro adds major features to the award-winning ColorThink software toolset. While most tools have been updated and enhanced, the biggest changes are the Color Worksheet, the ColorSmarts Guide and in the Graphing and Profile Inspector tools.

Even with the addition of over 100 new features there are FEWER tools due to the revolutionary design of the Color Worksheet. The Worksheet simplifies image, color and profile evaluation while doing away with the profile linker and image inspector.For what's new, see the Feature Comparison sheet.

Key Features:

  • New underlying architecture allows integration across tools, supports up to 10- channel profiles everywhere!
  • Graphs have more detail, automation & features. Can be saved as images or movies
  • ProfileInspector adds gamut volume, inking statistics, dot gain and the best curve analysis
  • New Color Worksheet opens a whole new world of learning and analysis. Models entire workflow to isolate color issues.
  • ColorSmarts Guide acts as your color consultant; performing tests and automating tasks
  • Powerful profile linking. Create device-link and abstract profiles from ANY multi-profile combination. Includes clean-black links
  • Revolutionary ColorCast technology modifies existing profiles to have powerful build-in proofing capabilities. Overcome Photoshop limitations for proofing up to 10 channels!