ColorThink ColorThink
Grapher (more)
    Plot Profiles as Volumes
    Plot Profiles as Points (hex-style plots)  
    RGB Profiles
    CMYK Profiles
    Hexachrome(tm) profiles
    up to 10-channel n-color profiles  
    Abstract Profiles (as vectors)  
    Constrain Channels  
    RGB Images
    CMYK Images (estimated)
    Lab Images  
  Color Lists & Images
    Delta-E vector coloring
    Alter delta-E formulae (dE94, CMC, dE2000)  
    Highlight colors selected in list  
    Slice multiple profiles at any Lightness for comparison  
    Slice image data & vectors at any Lightness value  
    Display ICC Lab boundaries as grid  
    Alter background lightness
    Alter background color  
  Save Graph
    as Image
    as Movie  
Profile Inspector (more)
    Inspect profile details
    Modify header defaults
    Modify header bit-flags (transmissive, quality, etc)  
  Tag Table    
    Delete profile tags  
    Drag tags between profiles  
    Export embedded color list data
    Open embedded color lists into Color Worksheet  
    Basic neutral-rendering curves
    Detailed neutral curves  
    Dot Gain Curves (estimated from profile data)  
    Gamut Volume  
    Ink levels (black start, max black, total ink - per intent)  
    ISO ink color compliance  
    Auto-detection of original characterization data  
  Errors & Warnings    
    Summarize profile errors & warnings
Color Worksheet (more)
    model existing graphics workflow  
    calculate delta-E between any WF stage to isolate color problems  
  Create Profiles
    Device link
    Clean-black link  
    Multi-profile device link  
    Abstract profiles  
    ColorCast profiles   *
  Analyze Profiles
    Device (input, display, print)  
    Device link  
    Open / Display RGB
    Open / Display CMYK (estimated)
    Open / Display Lab  
    Embed, extract, replace profiles
    Extract unique or all colors into list  
    Extract target colors using Target Marquee  
    Save images at any conversion stage  
    Show delta-E in image form  
    Transform image using multiple profiles  
    Use dropper to show color builds across workflow  
    Click dropper to add selection points to color lists section  
  Color Lists
    open color lists & target files
    supports device, Lab/XYZ/LCH, and spectral data files
    compare colors using delta-E  
    transform colors using multiple profiles  
    run statistical reports on error data  
    alter illuminant to compare spectral files for metamerism error  
    graph list of colors
    graph any list at any stage in workflow  
    graph delta-E list to show errors as vectors  
    highlight color in list to highlight color in graph  
    sort sheet by any color channel or error number  
    copy & paste entire sheet into Excel for further processing  
ColorSmarts Guide (more)
    Automates color / profile analysis tasks  
    Use as tutorial to illustrate ColorThink tool use  
    Perform statistical summary tests on profile accuracy  
    Automatically extracts profile training data for testing  
    Works across multiple ColorThink tools  

* Requires ColorCast module upgrade to build ColorCast profiles. Not required for ColorCast profile analysis. (return)