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ColorThink v2

SmartNote: 486
Type: Tool
ColorGeek factor: unrated
*** IMPORTANT Mac OS Catalina 64-bit NOTE:

ColorThink 2.x is NOT compatible with Mac OS Catalina (64-bit) so we have removed it for sale from our store. Please contact us directly at sales (at) or by phone if you need to purchase it for an earlier version of the Mac OS. We are working on an upgraded product and more information will be provided about our path moving forward. Sorry for this inconvenience.

For those on Mac OS Catalina (64-bit), we recommend ColorThink Pro which is fully compatible with Catalina. -

ColorThink v2

The complete toolset for managing, repairing, evaluating and graphing ICC profiles.

You can't manage your color if you don't understand it.

CHROMiX ColorThink is the color management toolset that helps you understand your color more than ever before. The ColorThink toolset is an application composed of nine modules that are proven to keep your brain on color.