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Rotater (Rotator)

SmartNote: 266
Type: Utility
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Rotater is a 3 dimensional plotter that takes practically any data file and plots it in 3-D.

If you have the Lab data that was originally used to create your printer's profile, you can plot it using Rotator and then manipulate it by grabbing the "object" and spinning it around to view
it from different angles.

Rotater is written and distributed by Craig Kloeden and the link below allows you to download it directly from his site.

The CHROMiX Color Data Kit is put together by us to aid in using Rotater to view 3D color printer data and also includes the data for an Epson 700 inkjet and a large gamut archival printing process


Download Rotater (154K) ...More info

Download the CHROMiX Color Data Kit (64K)