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TC 9.18 Extended RGB target

SmartNote: 1030
Type: Utility
ColorGeek factor:
This test target was created by Bill Atkinson and has been tested by CHROMiX and other color management folks for several months.

It contains 918 patches and samples colors on a 9-point grid with extra neutral and near-neutral patches.

The download package contains the .TIFF image file and the reference data which is intended for use with GretagMacbeth's ProfileMaker Pro 3/4 but can be used with Eye-One Match software. It may also be usable with other programs that allow custom targets.

The patches have been scrambled and the target is suitable for use with the Eye-One and Spectrolino/SpectroScan devices.

TC 9.18 Extended RGB Target (Mac .sit format)

TC 9.18 Extended RGB Target (Win .zip format)