X-Rite Color iQC Print



Color iQC Print: $3560.00
Color iQC Print Basic: $430.00
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Color iQC Print 3

Innovative Color Quality Control Solution for Print and Packaging. Color iQC Print is a job-oriented software solution is designed to meet evolving color measurement and manage- ment requirements in the printing and packaging industries. Color iQC Print is a Process Control solution that incorporates the latest digital workflow technologies and standards for a complete color quality control solution. With a PantoneLIVE enabled license, printers and converters can connect to the PantoneLIVE database, ensuring secure access to accurate spectral values for brand color palettes, delivering color that is right the first time, right every time. Online configuration en- sures centralized control and management yet provides easy access to all authorized users within the color network. Measurement of color data is not a one-time event; with Color iQC Print data is captured and reports generated that establish an enterprise-wide view.

Advantages of the Color iQC Print 3 platform include:

  • QC Sets and Print Job Templates
  • Direct Connectivity to PantoneLIVE
  • Remote Output to File or Database Configurability
  • HTML Views
  • Connectivity
  • Color Exchange, Import, and Export
  • Digital Signatures and Traceability
  • Measurement Modes and Templates
  • Multiple Database Storage and Retrieval
  • Image Capture and Association

What this means for the customer is: Reduced costs

  • Greater efficiency
  • Workflow digitization
  • Meeting brand manager expectations


Color iQC Print Basic

Color iQC Print Basic is a feature reduced version of Color iQC Print. The basic version is for mid size printers looking for templates and with the need to create simple job templates.


  • PSO
  • G7
  • JC
  • User defined
Quality Metrics:
  • Density
  • DE
  • Dot Gain
  • Overprint / Trapping
  • Gray Balance

Color iQC Print Basic allows users to create, modify, and store templates and standards. Sample data can be viewed and analyzed but not saved.