Curve4 - G7 Calibration Tool



Curve4 Verify: $399.00
Curve4 Calibrate (includes Curve4 VERIFY & CALIBRATE tools) Save $160 Early Bird!: $1599.00 $1439.00
Curve4 Calibrate X-Platform (Incl Curve4 VERIFY & CALIBRATE tools for Mac + Win) Save $213 Early Bird!: $2133.00 $1920.00
Curve4 Complete Bundle (incl Curve4 VERIFY, CALIBRATE and BLEND tools) Save $300 Early Bird!: $2999.00 $2699.00
Curve4 Complete X-Platform (incl Curve4 VERIFY, CALIBRATE and BLEND tools for Mac + Win) Save $425 Early Bird!: $4259.00 $3833.00
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Notes about Curve4:

We decided to release Curve4 in two phases as we wanted to meet the market need for a G7 Master-level verification tool as soon as possible. So to be clear, there won't be a Verify version and a Calibration version, but rather an initial Verify release and then a larger update that includes the rest of the Curve4 toolset (if purchased).

When you order any Curve4 product, you'll get Curve4 Verify fully functional for use now.

For new Curve4 Calibrate and Complete purchases, CHROMiX will provide a comparable Curve3 temporary license until Curve4 ships. This temporary license is fully functional and will expire 60 days after the release of Curve4 Calibrate/Complete.



The Curve4 prices above reflect an EarlyBird Promo that takes 10% off the price until Curve4 Calibrate or Complete is released.

    • Curve4 Calibrate is $1439 after a 10% discount from $1599. Hurry though, this ends once the full Curve4 versions ship.

- FAQs


Is there a grace period for buying Curve3 towards Curve4?

Yes, as of 9/15/16 (when Curve4 Verify officially shipped) we are currently in an official Grace period until Curve4 Calibrate & Complete ship. What that means is that if anyone buys Curve3 now, their entire purchase goes into full credit mode towards Curve4. But remember, Curve4 has been uplifted in price so there will still be a differential.

    • Buy Curve3 at its standard price of $1199. The comparable version of this is Curve4 Calibrate at $1599. If bought in the Grace period, your upgrade price to Curve4 Calibrate is $400.

When does the grace period end?

60 days after Curve4 Calibrate and Curve4 Complete officially ships. We'll know more once we ship Curve4 Calibrate/Complete versions.

I need a functional calibration component now? Why should I buy Curve4 instead of Curve3?

If you buy Curve4 Calibrate or Complete new for the first time, CHROMiX will issue a full Curve3 Temporary License valid for 60 days after Curve4 Calibrate/Compete release. Also, you'll be able to use C4 Verify immediately. Finally, you save money buying Curve4 now.

Is Curve3 Verify still for sale and available?

No, unfortunately it is not. Curve4 Verify is now the only viable Verify shipping product moving forward. However, all full versions of Curve3 include the Curve3 Verify component. Also, you can upgrade the Verify versions of Curve2 and Curve3 to Curve4 Verify. Just use the Buy Upgrade' Tool on the side bar for Curve4 and enter your username and old Curve2/3 serial code.