Curve3 - G7 Calibration Tool



Curve3 Software, full copy: $1199.00
Curve3 + VPR Module: $2499.00
Curve3 Cross-Platform pack (Mac+Win): $1599.00
Curve3 Cross-Platform pack + VPR (Mac+Win): $3548.00
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A note from CHROMiX and HutchColor:

Customers should be aware that Curve4 Calibrate and Curve4 Complete (replacement for Curve3) is targeted for release near end of year 2017. That means that anyone buying Curve3 now is in a Curve4 'Grace' period.



What is the Grace period for buying Curve3 towards Curve4?

As of 9/15/16 (when Curve4 Verify officially shipped), an official Grace period started and ends when Curve4 Calibrate & Complete officially ship. What that means is that if anyone buys Curve3 now, their entire purchase goes into full credit mode towards Curve4. But remember, Curve4 has been uplifted in price so there will still be a differential.

    • Buy Curve3 at its standard price of $1199. The comparable version of this is Curve4 Calibrate at $1599. If bought in the Grace period, your upgrade price to Curve4 Calibrate will simply be the difference in price, $400.

When does the grace period end?

30-60 days after Curve4 Calibrate and Curve4 Complete officially ships. Well know more once we ship Curve4.



Buy Curve4 now and get an EarlyBird discount that takes 10% off the price until Curve4 Calibrate or Complete is released (near year end 2016).

    • Curve4 Calibrate is $1439 after a 10% discount from $1599. That's a $160 savings!
    Hurry though, this ends once the full Curve4 products ship.

I need a functional G7 calibration tool now? Why should I buy Curve4 instead of Curve3?

Because you'll save more money with the Early Bird discount. Plus, if you buy Curve4 Calibrate or Complete new for the first time, CHROMiX will issue you a full Curve3 Temporary License good until 1/31/17, and, you'll be able to use Curve4 Verify immediately.

Ok, how do I buy Curve4 to get the Early Bird discount?

Simply go to the Curve4 official website or use this link to Curve4

Is Curve3 'Verify' still for sale and available?

No, unfortunately it is not. Curve4 Verify is now the only viable Verify shipping product moving forward. However, all full versions of Curve3 include the Curve3 Verify component. Also, you can upgrade the Verify versions of Curve2 and Curve3 to Curve4 Verify. Just use the Buy Upgrade' Tool on the side bar for Curve4 and enter your username and old Curve2/3 serial code.


Notable Features
of Curve3


To date, Curve3 has been the standard for G7 calibration, and is the best, most modern and technically functional G7 tool. Here are some of Curve3's strong features:

  • - 4D data smoothing cleans up challenged systems
  • - Special Ink calibration for additional inks (CMYK+)
  • - Spectral VPR now applies curves to full-spectral data
  • - Enhanced Black-point options for ink-jet and digital
  • - Normalizing Curves to improve shadow smoothness
  • - Custom TVI calibration (mostly for European users)
  • - Intelligent error-reporting and resolution
  • - User-specified starting-point calibration
  • - User-defined Control Point lists
  • - Expanded graphs and reports

And like Curve2, Curve3 supports:

  • - OneRun targets
  • - Esko's PressSync calibration

Curve3 also has a new 'Demo' mode which allows users to test the interface as well as the main calibration and verification functionalities of Curve3 (including Verify mode) without a serial number. Sample files are included and must be used for Demo mode.

Here's how the purchasing process works: Click on one of the links to purchase Curve3. If you are purchasing a single, new license for Curve3, we will email you an "Authorization code" which will allow you to choose the username you want for this license, and which operating system platform (Windows or Mac) you'll be using.


Find your Curve3 Upgrade Price here:

  • IDEALink Curve v 1.x to Curve3 Upgrade: $1099
  • Curve2 to Curve3 Upgrade : $599
  • Curve3 Verify to full Curve3: $1100
  • Curve3 to Curve3 Crossgrade (Mac to Win or Win to Mac): $300
  • Curve3 to Curve3 X-Platform Upgrade (Mac+Win or Win+Mac): $400
  • Curve2 to Curve3 Upgrade + new VPR: $1898
  • Curve2+VPR to Curve3+VPR Upgrade: $1249
  • Curve2 X-Platform to Curve3 X-Platform Upgrade: $799
  • Curve2 to Curve3 Upgrade + new X-Platform (Mac&Win): $999
  • Curve2 to Curve3 Upgrade + new X-Platform + new VPR: $2298
  • Curve2 X-Platform to Curve3 X-Platform + new VPR: $2098
  • Curve2 X-Platform+VPR to Curve3 X-Platform +VPR Upgrade: $1548

To upgrade IDEALink Curve 1.x or Curve2.x to Curve3, have your username and serial number ready
for the upgrade process.

Upgrade to Curve3

To add the Virtual Press Run (VPR) module to Curve3, have your username and serial number ready.
Module price: $1499

Add VPR Module to Curve3

Curve3 is the most modern and technically functional G7 tool yet for creating G7 curves to tone and gray balance your press or proofing system.

Demo Mode
Now, by popular request, there is a new 'Demo' mode for Curve3. Demo mode allows users to test the interface as well as the main calibration and verification functions of Curve3 (including Verify mode) without a serial number. Sample files are included and are used for Demo mode. Simply download the software and launch.

Verify Mode
Curve3 Verify is no longer for sale. Please purchase Curve4 Verify instead:

Curve4 Verify Product Information

Curve4 Verify Order Page

Virtual Press Run
is an add-on module to Curve3. This module makes it possible to curve and profile a press with only one press run.

Without VPR, obtaining a press profile from a G7-calibrated press requires at least two press runs; one with null plate curves to calculate the G7 calibration curves, and a second to print the profiling target through the resulting plate curves to profile the press.

VPR typically eliminates the need for the second press run. The G7 curves calculated from the first run are applied mathematically to the profiling target measurements of the first run, producing measurements that appear as if they were produced on a second "virtual" run. The savings can be huge. The first press run can be used to print on a number of different paper types. If VPR eliminates the second runs for each paper, one press run might be all that's needed to G7-calibrate a group of papers.

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