ColorAnt 5 data tuning software, by ColorLogic



ColorAnt M package, dongle ships separately: $1250.00
ColorAnt L package, dongle ships separately: $2500.00

Accessories / Bundles / Upgrades / Add-ons
ColorAnt M Software Maintenance Contract, 1 Year (Recommended): $250.00
ColorAnt L Software Maintenance Contract, 1 Year (Recommended): $500.00
ColorAnt 4 M -> 5 M Upgrade: $375.00
ColorAnt 3 M -> 5 M Upgrade: $700.00
ColorAnt 4 L -> 5 L Upgrade: $700.00
ColorAnt 3 L -> 5 L Upgrade: $1300.00
ColorAnt 2 -> 5 M Upgrade: $1050.00
From M to L package: $1250.00
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Note: CHROMiX strongly suggests purchasing the ColorLogic SMA Software Maintenance Contract at the time of your initial purchase. The price is 20% of MSRP. The SMA will allow free upgrades to any version during a current contract. Otherwise, upgrades are not free and will have a cost associated

ColorAnt is intelligent analysis and optimization of measurement data.

ColorAnt is a software solution for improving the measurement data processing prior to profiling. There are many situations in which measurement data is not prepared correctly which causes potential trouble when creating an ICC profile. Reading errors from the instrument, print errors, artifacts (e.g. inhomogeneous data), etc. contribute to less than perfect measurement data quality. To optimize the measurement data and to intelligently average multiple data sets ColorAnt is the perfect tool.

Extensive tool box

Multiple tools like optical brightener correction for papers or tone value curve adaptation for various specifications (e.g. according to G7, ISO or house standards), smoothing, error correction, white point adaptations, averaging and idealization of measurement data for standardization purposes are available in this powerful, but still easy-to-use solution. The spectral editing of primaries and automatic calculation of overprints in complete sets of measurement data, allows creation of printer profiles even without time and cost intensive printing of large test charts. Additional analyzing, comparing, reporting and viewing features assist you in figuring out potential sources of error and which tools to use to correct them. Another highlight of the ColorAnt is that it creates custom test charts which respect your specific requirements while working with different color spaces and it also supports your profile creation in the best possible way.

Enhanced print production reliability

Finally, the quality of ICC profiles is always dependent on the quality of the measurement data. Analyzing and optimizing measurement data allows higher profile quality which leads to a higher reliability of the whole print production process. With this in mind, ColorAnt helps to optimize every printer profiling tool in the market, whether it is ICC-compliant or not. You will be surprised how inexpensive a dramatically improved print quality and production reliability can be!


Notable Features

New major changes to ColorAnt:

  • The new Color Editor tool can be used to edit color patches and to process color conversions of spot colors.
  • Updates to CxF/X-4 allowing spectral information to be embedded in PDF documents.
  • The Save History Log now saves all applied activities as a comprehensive PDF document.

Other changes and updates to ColorAnt:

  • Additional options in the Tone Value tool include the options to adjust multicolor according to ISO 20654 and leaves CMYK untouched. Plus an additional Protect Lights slider helps Flexo customers to avoid over compensation of dot gains in the highlights.
  • Improved viewing and comparison options including additional color channel checkboxes in 2D and 3D Views, combing color channel checkboxes, switching between Murray Davies and ISO 20654 standard in the TVI tab.
  • Enhanced functions in the Customer Chart tool, Edit Primaries and several other features.