Techkon SpectroDens 4 Spectro-Densitometer



SpectroDens 4 Color Basic: $4300.00 $4150.00
SpectroDens 4 Color Advanced: $6200.00 $5950.00

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SpectroDens Wifi card: $385.00
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SpectroDens model 4 - setting a new standard for measurement!

Everything you would expect:

  • Fast, accurate, and designed for convenience
  • Measure spot colors, density or scan color bars
  • View density variation across press width
  • Verify proofs against ISO and other standards
  • Maintain G7 neutral values with control strip
  • Evaluate critical brand colors
  • Connect with desktop software over Wi-Fi

Notable Features

2017 Generation 4 Features:

  • HIGH-RESOLUTION SPECTRAL ENGINE Spectral sampling in 10 nm intervals from 400 nm to 700 nm fully complies with ISO-13655 requirements.
  • SCAN LENGTHS UP TO 43 INCHES An embedded hardware encoder allows for scanning color bars up to 43-inches long in only 10 seconds (200 patch maximum). Seamlessly switch between spot readings and color bar scanning without additional accessories.
  • SOLID ALUMINUM UNIBODY CASE The unibody case is machined from a single block of aluminum to maximize durability and reliability in harsh production environments.
  • LONG LIFE BATTERY Rechargeable LiFePO4 battery has 2X the life expectancy, faster recharging, & higher safety providing approximately 10,000 measurements per charge.
  • WIRELESS, INDUCTIVE CHARGING No exposed electrical contacts allows for greater ease of use, reliability, and maintenance free charging.
  • NIST TRACEABLE CALIBRATION Calibration and master metrology traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology).

SpectroDens 4 HIGHLIGHTS

  • QUICK MEASUREMENT OF PROCESS AND SPOT COLORS Control your process, spot, PantoneĀ® or other critical brand colors by measuring solid ink density, % dot area, CIE Lab, deltaE, and more.
  • TRACK DENSITIES ACROSS SHEET Shows density variation across press sheet and provides specific ink key adjustments right on instrument display.
  • BEST COLOR MATCH InkCheck feature helps press operators minimize color differences (deltaEs) by providing specific density adjustments to achieve best possible color matches.
  • SPOT AND SCAN MEASUREMENT IN SAME DEVICE Switch from spot measurements to color bar scanning with the touch of a button. Scan up to 200 color patches; no guide required, 4 wheels keep straight alignment while scanning.
  • ACHIEVE G7 COMPLIANCE GrayGuide feature displays G7 pass/fail indication and specific C,M,Y density adjustments to obtain grayscale values according to G7 specification.
  • SCAN MEDIA WEDGE FOR QUICK PROOF VERIFICATION Scan control wedge in seconds to confirm proofs against 12647-7 and known datasets like GRACol, SWOP3, SWOP5, IFRA, UGRA/FOGRA, G7, etc.
  • ISO CHECK IN 3 SECONDS Quick method for verifying print-to-print and print-to-standard color quality with clear pass or fail indication and explanation.
  • DESKTOP SOFTWARE INCLUDED Create, edit, and manage color libraries, import/export color data, generate pass/fail QC reports, and manage instrument, all with SpectroConnect.
  • TAILORED TO MEET YOUR NEEDS The SpectroDens is available in 3 different models to best meet your color measurement needs (model comparison below).
SpectroDens 4 Frequently Asked Questions
  • What size aperture is included with SpectroDens? The SpectroDens comes with a 3mm aperture. A smaller 1.5mm aperture is available at an additional cost.
  • Is the SpectroDens a densitometer or a spectrophotometer? Both. Measurement is spectral. The spectral data is converted into density or colorimetric information. The spectral measurement technology calculates not only density values for CMYK, but also exact data for the density of spot colors.
  • Are there different versions available? Yes, there are three different performance packages: The Basic model with essential density functions, the Advanced version with extended density functions and colorimetry and the all-options flagship the Premium device.
  • Can the units be upgraded? Yes, very easy via program upload with the USB connection to a PC.
  • Which TECHKON products are replaced by SpectroDens? The former R410 and R410e devices are in functionality comparable to SpectroDens Basic. SpectroDens Advanced replaces the SD 620 and SpectroDens Premium the SP 820 and SP 830 products.
  • What is included in the package? The measurement device, charging console with integrated white standard, device case, USB-cable, CD with software SpectroConnect, manual with ISO 9000 certificate.
  • Is PantoneLIVE Connectivity available with SpectroDens? The partner ecosystem for PantoneLIVE includes several software solution providers for color quality control. Their products are licensed to access PantoneLIVE color libraries. Typically, measurement devices connect with the color QC software which in turn connects with PantoneLIVE. Examples of widely used print color quality applications that connect with PantoneLIVE are MeasureColor and HAVI ColorSentry. Both of these applications, among others, also connect with Techkon SpectroDENS. Any other software application can also be easily connected with Techkon devices