X-Rite DensiEye 100



DensiEye 100 (all versions: EU, UK, US): $1930.00

Accessories / Bundles / Upgrades / Add-ons
Calibration Card (Specify Status T-I-E, Polarized or UnPolarized): $286.00
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For extremely fast densitometric readings with an advanced user interface, in an instrument that runs off of standard AA alkaline batteries, the DensiEye is the ideal choice for the process color printing pressroom.

DensiEye 100 functions included:
 Gray Balance

Notable Features

  • Includes all necessary functions for measurement including density and gray balance.
  • Clear pass/fail indicator lets you quickly see results and get on to the next measurement.
  • Fully automatic function and automatic patch type recognition minimize operator errors, ensuring accurate results every time.
  • Extremely fast measurement time helps you get the job done quicker.
  • Graphical display makes it easy to navigate to the right function and visualize results.

DensiEye 100 Options:
E: Status E Filter Set
T: Status T Filter Set
I: Status I Filter Set
U: Unpolarized
P: Polarized
L: Large aperture (3mm diameter)
S: Small aperture (1 .6mm diameter)

Order as one of the following configs:
DensiEye 100 Status E / Pol / Large (3 mm) part# DE100EPL
(EU) DensiEye 100 Status E / Pol / Small (1,6 mm) part# DE100EPS
(UK) DensiEye 100 Status T / Pol / Large (3 mm) part# DE100TPL
(UK) DensiEye 100 Status T / Pol / Small (1,6 mm) part# DE100TPS
(US) DensiEye 100 Status T / Unpol / Large (3 mm) part# DE100TUL
(US) DensiEye 100 Status T / Unpol / Small (1,6 mm) part# DE100TUS

Order Calibration Card as one of the following Options*:
Status T Polarized part# A-CAL/TP
Status T Unpolarized part# A-CAL/TU
Status I Polarized part# 369649
Status I Unpolarized part# 369648
Status E Polarized part# 369647
Status E Unpolarized part# 369646

*Specify in ColorGear Shopping Cart Notes the appropriate configuration and part# required for your needs.